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Civil Lawsuit Against PT Bank J Trust Indonesia, Tbk., J Trust Co. Ltd., And PT J Trust Investment Indonesia.

Lawyers : Dr. Julius Singara (Partner) / Rando Purba (Senior Associate) / Adhindra Ario Wicaksono (Associate) / Bernard Moller (Associate) / Riska Fadilla (Associate)

Date : 2018

We are thrilled to announce a good news at the start of this 2021 that we have successfully defended our clients, PT Bank JTrust Indonesia, Tbk., J Trust Co. Ltd. and PT J Trust Investment Indonesia as the Defendants II, III and V in facing a civil lawsuit brought by an alleged shareholder as the Plaintiff with the Central Jakarta District Court (the “CJDC”), in respect of a major corporate action involving Bank Century. In this case, the Plaintiff seeks for compensation of more than IDR 1 trillion.

The proceedings lasted more than two years, during which we meticulously navigated our clients with a bunch of strategic advices and actions, one of which was to file a demurrer aiming at contesting the CJDC jurisdiction by mainly arguing that the key element of the Plaintiff’s lawsuit does fall under the jurisdiction of an administrative court as opposed to that of the CJDC, which is wholly granted by the CJDC. As a result, the Plaintiff’s lawsuit has been declared to be inadmissible. Congratulations to our clients and all related parties for this remarkable history.


Investor Singapura Gugat LPS dan Bank JTrust ( issued on 5 September 2018
LPS dan Bank J Trust digugat atas kasus Bank Century ( issued on 5 September 2018
Pemegang saham Bank Jtrust ajukan gugatan ( issued on 6 September 2018
Penggugat LPS dan Bank JTrust (BCIC) buka opsi damai ( issued on 2 October 2018